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imageThe finishing touch to Office 365’s rich mixture of collaboration and communication features is supplied by Lync Online, which adds sophisticated features such as video calls and online meetings. Using Lync Online adds quality to existing collaboration, removing misunderstanding and ensuring all views are considered. Not only that, when it’s handled creatively, it opens up new and previously unconsidered communication pathways. 0755.image_4247C1D0

All of these characteristics of Lync Online are seen in the teaching scenarios featured in Chapter 3 of our e-book Office 365 Education in the Classroom.’

Teaching scenarios include:

Long term absence from school.

Continuing at home with group work from school

Being in two places at once

Isolated Experience

School revision

Missing Parents Evening appointments 

To supplement the teaching ideas in the e-book we have  created over 40 ‘How To’ tutorials created for educators to use straight away. Check them out on our youtube channel ITHeadsUP.

Pulled in two directions


You are about to dash off to a meeting when Jake comes to you extremely distressed. He has an exam tomorrow, there’s a topic that he still hasn’t grasped and he’s sure there will be a question on it. You cannot miss the meeting, it’s to do with a new addition to the scheme of work you are delivering. You also cannot just walk away from Jake. He’s an impulsive lad, a worrier, organisationally all over the place, but he’s looking to you for help.

Current solution

You tell Jake he shouldn’t have left things to the last minute, but you also reassure him of your help. However, you also tell him you must go to your meeting because it’s important. You give him a different revision book that might help, and refer him to a YouTube clip that should cover it. You also give him your email address – again -- and remind him you’re available any time in the evening.

‘Look, Jake, It’s going to be fine. If you’re really stuck, come into school at half past seven in the morning. I’ll be here and we’ll have an hour then. OK?’ 

With Lync

You say. ‘Oh Jake. Wait here a minute. Fear not, I will help you.’

You grab a device and head to the room your meeting is about to be in. You explain the situation to whoever is leading the meeting, and ask one of those attending to log in to Lync and call you, you then rush back. On your return to the classroom, you accept the call, and begin helping Jake. In the background, you can hear the meeting taking place and what it being said. Your microphone is on mute, so you can talk freely to the student you are helping, but when a question is directed at you, or you want to add to the conversation, you know you can just unmute yourself and be heard by everyone. After 30 minutes the student understands what they needed and leaves. You head off to the meeting, having not missed anything, and been actively involved in everything that has been discussed.                                                                                                                            

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