BETT 2014: Tablet Academy Free Training Days

imageBETT 2014 was a great experience for the Tablet Academy. CEO Steve Molyneux, is a BETT veteran, having visited every year for the past 30 years and it was very interesting for him to experience the changes that had occurred in mobile learning just over the past 12 months.

Other representatives included MD Mark Yorke, and fellow trainers David Fuller and Dave Foord. Their role to deliver hands-on Interactive Classroom sessions on the Microsoft stand.

The challenge was to run 15 x 15 minute taster sessions from our Windows 8 training catalogue on each of the four days, but with the fantastic support from our colleagues at Microsoft.  Included in this was a session involving Education Secretary Michael Gove and his family looking at programming using the BETT award winning: KoDu. 

The response to our sessions that explored the use of Windows 8 Tablets in the classroom was amazing and the measure of our success and the interest in Windows 8 tablets can be demonstrated by the fact that over 1200 people participated in the workshops in the Interactive Classroom – Powered by Tablet Academy.

Mark Yorke, Managing Director of the Tablet Academy said

“People were generally excited about the potential for Windows 8 Tablets. It seemed to me that many schools are about to start their journey of using mobile devices and they were pleased to see a complete solution that would easily integrate into their existing infrastructure.”

The Table Academy would like to thank Microsoft for the opportunity to support there stand at BETT 2014 and for the support from all individuals involved in making our interactive classroom sessions a success.

Looking Forward to 2014

The Tablet Academy are now busy delivering 100 free training days for schools who purchase 20 or more Windows 8 devices before 31st March 2013. For more information email



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