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With Office 365, SharePoint 2013 becomes available to a much wider range of schools as ‘SharePoint Online’. It gives them the means to push back the limits on learning, provide seamless home-school working and remove barriers between teacher and learner.


Chapter 1 of our E-book ‘Office 365 Education in the Classroom’ concentrates on how SharePoint Online can help the teacher and the student in their day to day work. We look at a whole list of teaching and learning scenarios, describing some of the ways in which hard- working teachers might be dealing with them now and going on to show how one or more of the functions of Office 365 can make things easier and better. 

Scenario: How can Office 365 help you with student revision around exam time:

Your Year 11’s have left for study leave. They are still arranging to come back and see you for revision, but their needs are all different, and with the best will in the world you don’t have enough time to cover everything with everyone.

The traditional solution?

You run as many sessions as you can, before, during and after school. You print out past papers, provide worksheets, send links to YouTube guides, recommend revision guides. However, you know that what’s missing is your personal guidance. 

With SharePoint

With Office 365 and SharePoint online you can create customised and personalised exam revision sites, so that your students are as fully supported as possible right up to the door of the exam room. This can be done by adding your lesson notes and any support material, including a PowerPoint if there is one, to your class site at the end of each lesson. Using the site calendar you can then make it easy for each student to be able to locate the lesson and support materials which covered the topic in question. They can look back over your notes and make a good attempt to follow your working. 

For more SharePoint Online classroom ideas check out our e-book:

To supplement the teaching ideas in the e-book we have  created over 40 ‘How To’ tutorials created for educators to use straight away. Check them out on our youtube channel ITHeadsUP.

Apps most popular for this type of site are:

Links - this lets you hyperlink any icon/picture to a recommended site or video.

Newsfeed - This app lets teachers post relevant videos, resources, and advice. If students follow the newsfeed they will be alerted every time the teacher updates the site with new content.

Discussions app - this is often referred to as 'Ask the Teacher' - this is an opportunity for students to ask questions to their teacher's outside of school hours. We are finding that students tend to respond to each other questions and help one another when they are stuck.

Calendars - teachers can use calendars to organise after school revision sessions and attach course material.

Look out for more blog posts on Office 365 Education in the Classroom.

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