T&L e-zine: KS1 Journey Around London with Windows 8


We thought it would be a nice idea to produce weekly ‘Microsoft Teaching & Learning’ e-zines (online newsletters). The series will feature some great examples of how our Microsoft Innovative Educators and Microsoft Showcase Schools are using technology in the classroom. Hopefully, these little T&L snippets will inspire a little innovation in your own classrooms. 

In this weeks’ e-zine Microsoft Innovative Educator Charlotte Beckhurst, from Hartsbrook E-ACT school shares a 5 week Scheme of Work entitled ‘Journey Around London.’

Journey Around London has been written for Year 1 but can be adapted for any age-group within Key Stage 1 and 2. The scheme of work is primarily literacy based however incorporates humanities and ICT. Students write a fiction and non-fiction book combined about the town where they live. In order to write the content, they use Windows 8 apps, One Note and Microsoft Office to support their learning. The scheme of work utilises all of the 21st Century Learning skills required to help ensure our learners are ready for the future.

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Sample of SoW:



You can download the full SoW for FREE here

Educator Spotlight: Charlotte Beckhurst

My day job is class teacher and Technology Lead at Hartsbrook E-ACT Free School. We were the first primary school in the UK to use Windows 8. Our students as young as 5 use a range of Windows 8 apps to enhance and scaffold their learning in key subject areas. I shared my ICT practise with educators locally, nationally and globally as well as heard from other educators who were doing similar things in their own classrooms.

The rest of the time I undertake various roles and responsibilities as a M.I.E. This means I deliver training in schools, share practise, and work in partnership with Toshiba and generally work together with Microsoft to promote technology in schools as a tool for developing 21st Century Learning Skills in the students of today and the adults of our future.

Check out Charlotte’s interview on Anthony Salcito’s Daily Edventures


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