Office 365 Education: Ask the OffPerts

Excerpt from our Office 365 Education supplement developed in association with PC Pro Magazine.


The Saltash Community School’s student “OffPerts” have a passion for new technology, and their tutorial videos have helped staff and students around the country get to grips with Office 365 Education.

We caught up with five of them – two Georges, two Jacks and Max – to find out how they make the most of it.

Question: What has Office 365 Education done for you, in and out of  the classroom?

Answer: It’s given us a chance to be more organised in lessons, and made it easier for us to learn and contribute. It’s technology-based and modern, which we prefer… it’s more interesting doing things on Office 365 than it is on pen and paper.

Question: Is it changing the way you work together and with your teachers?

Answer: The thing that made us think it was brilliant was that we could actually talk to each other, and it’s perfect for making a space where you can upload your homework. We also don’t have to wait a whole day or a whole lesson or even a whole hour for Mr Wieprecht to reply to a request. We can just log on and ask him questions if we need help, or if we’re doing group work we can log on and chat with our friends. If you’re doing tasks and you’re doing the same work you can communicate between classes as well, if you needed to. It makes loads of different bridges that you wouldn’t usually have.

Question: Do you make much use of the Office Web Apps?

Answer: On the tablet at home. It’s always on, so you just press the home button and then go into Office 365. If you want to go into something quickly you don’t have to go to a computer.

Question: What’s the best feature of Office 365 Education other people might not know?

Answer: Newsfeed is really cool. You know what everyone is getting up to, and you can be all over the place, in the middle of all these conversations. It’s a bit like Facebook, really. You can see what everyone is up to. You can see if they’re online, and see if they’re doing homework at the same time as you.

Question: What would you say to anyone thinking of taking on Office 365 Education?

Answer: There’s nothing else like it. You literally can’t buy anything else like it. It’s that good. It’s all there for you. You’ve got everything you need. You’ve got email. You’ve got social sites. You’ve got things to help you with your homework, and it’s all incredibly useful.    

The full supplement can be viewed/downloaded below.

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