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Searching for devices for the new school season can be tricky, and what with the recent overhaul of the PC world with tablets and slates the market offers more choice than ever before. The product range of multi-purpose devices currently on the market which have been equipped for education is vast. Working very much in favour of the enhancement of computer science in the curriculum.


Tablets, once thought of as an accessory or a luxury to own alongside our other technology devices are now widely used. However, if you’re not quite ready to make the full transition to a Tablet why not consider the Sony VAIO Tap 20 Tablet-PC . Aside from its obvious sleek style, adding to the collection of attractive Sony devices, the most obvious USP for this product is the user’s ability to simply transition between desktop-style for home/school or office functions to an interactive, multi user, big screen tablet for both learning and recreational activity. Particularly convenient for collaborating on projects in and outside the classroom, the Tap 20 Tablet PC is beneficial for students requiring technology to facilitate working together in small teams around a desk. Windows 8 Apps for education that I particularly like are from ‘nsquared’. Their Free to download Makewords and Herding Applications for example, help to facilitate the development of numeracy through a variety of interactive games and challenges. Pattern matching and object recognition are just some of the engaging activities on offer. The games are of course available to use on any device including mobile, but the benefits of playing on a big screen tablet are that up to 4 student players can interact at any one time.


One particular game involves collecting target objects and pulling them into their own playing areas, encouraging team work and communication as well as developing younger students ability to manoeuvre around technical devices. There are various activity packs and top ups available if you do fall in love with this application and want to download more to boost your collection of student engaged learning resources.

The use of tablets in education is an exciting opportunity to engage each student and personalise their learning experience even with large class sizes. Interaction with tablets in the classroom is great practice for students (and teachers) of all levels of technical competency.

If you are interested in finding out other exciting ways to use technology devices in your lessons why not check out BETT 2014. The popular learning technology tradeshow has been inspiring teachers for over 30 years. If you haven’t been before this is the perfect opportunity to share ideas with 35,000 other creative educators within the industry. Put the date in your diary 22-25 January 2014.

We’ll look forward to meeting you there!

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