Classroom creativity with Fresh Paint

The ability to think and to teach creatively is arguably one of the foremost character attributes most desirable for school teachers. Especially those at KS1/2. We all remember our most ‘out there’ teachers and how they inspired us not only to learn but fully engage us to form and develop our own ideas and opinions. School teachers have the opportunity to meet students right at their levels of imagination, give them a voice and ignite vision and passion for learning at a very young age.

At Microsoft we are dedicated to changing lives through the power of technology and we love that teachers are continuously innovating and using our resources to assist learning in their classrooms to maximise student potential. The future achievements and possibilities for our youngest generation are so vast they are almost unimaginable.


Starting at grass roots level, teaching mobility and hand/eye coordination on a range of devices is a great place to begin. Like anything else there will already be a diverse level of skills based on either prior experience with devices at home or those that hold a natural mastery for technology.

This in mind, we are proud to share Fresh Paint with you. A seriously fun and easy to use application for Windows 8. Primarily a simulator for painting this charming application works best on touch screen devices, though can be just as enjoyable on windows phones. (Even better if you have a pen to use with your device) Students can work independently or collaboratively to create art pieces using a paintbrush and a pallet of swatches to mix paint and create lighter and darker shades of colour. The brush strokes and colours blend together so realistically and students will love how the different colours dart from one another once they come into contact.

As well as creating art from scratch, students can choose to turn their own photographs into paintings or edit famous artwork by blurring or switching colours.

Imagine how much fun students would have creating personalised De Vinci pieces off the back of an art museum trip? You could then collaborate all individual projects with SkyDrive, with endless possibilities to share and display their work.

Fresh Paint is the ultimate canvas for big ideas and another free to download Microsoft resource for you to enjoy with your class.

Get started right away, download from the Windows store.

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