Learn about the latest technology in education through Microsoft IT Academy Webinar, 12th September

We are excited to share with you the opportunity to take part in a series of webinars designed for educators over the next few weeks, which will equip you with knowledge on the best deployment of technology in education.


At Microsoft IT Academy, we know your work as an administrator or educator is ever-changing—especially in today's dynamic technology environment. So this year we’ve designed a webinar series that mirrors the excitement and leverage you get from technology in your everyday work. Each topic and speaker has been chosen to provide what we consider the most useful and timely information—from top-ten classroom enhancements to keeping up on the technology curve.

Our first webinar, September 12th, is “Training with Technology: Using technology within the classroom to engage and motivate students.” This topic reflects a growing interest we’re seeing in ways to boost student performance and teacher productivity by using new technologies like tablets. Recent research from the Pew Research Center shows a vast majority of instructors view technology as a valuable tool for improving collaboration, creativity and writing. And while many instructors already use interactive whiteboards, wikis, websites, blogs, and word processing programs to reinforce their teaching, it’s clear from the numbers there’s plenty of room to expand usage of these and other technologies.

During the webinar, we'll showcase some findings, opportunities and insights from guest speakers to help you plot your next steps and decide how best to use technology in your classroom.







Guest speakers will include Peter Sigmund, CIO of LaSalle College High School in Pennsylvania, who will share how the school is using Surface devices to improve student performance; and Scott Thompson from Microsoft Education, who will cover training resources for educators teaching technology in the classroom.

View the monthly webinar agenda to get more details and sign up. Be sure to tell your colleagues—other teachers, faculty and administrators—to tune-in live or watch the webinars on-demand. We believe your institution will gain hugely from getting up to speed and inspired.

We look forward to an informative and invigorating discussion. See you there!


Keith Loeber is the Director of the IT Academy Program for Microsoft Learning Experience. He and his team oversee the strategy, benefits, operations, and policies for the program. An 18-year Microsoft veteran, Keith has spent the last several years in education with the majority of his career focusing on training and certification.

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