Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions, Office 365 & IT Academy Introductory Day


Presentations by: Viglen, Microsoft & Westcoast Distribution


Viglen would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Viglen/Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions & Office 365 Introductory Day for Schools and Academies being held in Milton Keynes on Wednesday 11th September 2013.

The purpose of the event is three-fold:

  • To provide delegates with detailed information on the Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions agreement:

The Enrolment for Education Solutions (EES) is available to both primary/secondary institutions and offers the simplicity of counting people instead of PCs/devices and the flexibility to add additional products in any quantity as needed.

Depending upon the size of your organization, you may acquire EES subscription licenses in one of two ways:

Ø Customers with as few as five (5) Full-time Equivalent (FTE) employees can license by signing the simplified Open Value Subscription Agreement for Education Solutions, online e-agreement.

Ø Larger customers with a minimum of 1,000 FTE employees may also license by signing the Enrolment for Education Solutions.

  • This may be beneficial for any institution that has not yet participated in this annuity agreement from Microsoft (still preferring to purchase perpetual licences) or even customers who are on the agreement but don’t wholly understand how the agreement works or the plethora of benefits available to them.  As one of Microsoft’s top 4 education resellers in the UK, and with a team that have been together for over 14 years, we are well versed in all the agreements available from Microsoft and can help you get the very best return on your investment.
  • Secondly we would like to introduce you to the Office 365 programme from Microsoft.  As well as the free of charge A2 plan for education, we will run through the chargeable plans that will enable you to adopt voice enabled communications etc. 
  • Last but by no means least, we will be providing you with an insight into the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) programme that is available under volume licensing.  Utilising this extensive programme of resources, we’ll show you how you can incorporate ITA into your CPD programme and/or enable your students to graduate with the very latest technology certification and training (i.e.  the Cloud) to complement their academic and/or vocational qualifications.

We hope that you can attend. You are welcome to bring any colleagues who you think would benefit from such an event and all you need to do is simply include them in the attached registration form, not forgetting to include yourself!  If you know of any colleagues in other institutions that would benefit please feel free to forward this information onto them.

To register, please follow this link and complete the booking form.

If you are interested in attending don’t delay as limited places are available and we anticipate demand will be high based on experience of previous days held.

If you can’t attend but would like to know more about Microsoft solutions from the licensing experts at Viglen, please contact us on 01727 201890 or email


Cheryl Lapham
Director, Software Licensing
Viglen Ltd

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