DreamSpark Getting Started Guide: Faculty

We know first-hand the power of a student’s ideas (hello, Bill Gates?). That’s why we created DreamSpark, to give ambitious students a break and help kick-start their careers. 

Every educator, student and school lab can take advantage of DreamSpark for learning, teaching and research to get the best, professional-level design and development tools - at low cost to schools.

We want to help you make their dreams come to life with the real coding experiences they need  to build their skills and get ready for their future career.

A great place to start is Microsoft Visual Studio Professional - the full suite of tools - to help your students build apps, games and sites in HTML, C++, C#, Ruby, Java and more.

Subscribe to DreamSpark at www.dreamspark.com/institution/subscription.aspx and start helping your class get ahead.

View or download our getting started guide below to learn more!

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