Devices in Education: FE & HE Students

Day three of our look at devices in education is shifting to FE and HE learners. A student in further or higher education needs a device which can handle intensive use while they research and write essays, create PowerPoint presentations and collaborate with their peers, whilst also being able to handle the demands of their personal life, such as playing games, socialising or even making computer and mobile phone apps. They want something smart and sleek which they can show off, but need something portable enough to take to and from class.

3 devices that would be great for FE and HE students include the following:

Ultrabook (Entry Level): Stone NT310

Designed to withstand the trials and tribulations of daily use, this device perfectly suits a college environment, and is both stylish and durable. The Intel i7 processor delivers the swift, instant response you need as a student, no matter what you’re doing, and the 15.6” HD LCD screen gives you plenty of real-estate to multitask using the Windows 8 snapping function.

All-in-One (Mid Range): Toshiba LX830-11D

For students looking for a sturdy and productive, yet entertainment ready, All-in-One device for their bedrooms, or institutions looking to kit out their computer labs with a universally user-friendly device, look no further. The i3 processor in the LX830 provides all the speed a student needs to complete their work, and the 1TB hard drive gives them enough space to store it all once it’s complete. We love the HD graphics too, which bring images and videos to life on the big touchscreen, and are great for keeping you engaged when doing research for projects.


Hybrid (High End): Sony VAIO Duo

A gorgeous alternative to standard form factors, the Duo can be transformed from a tablet to laptop in seconds with the SurfSlider™ screen, which slides up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, perfect for getting your college and university work done. The Digitizer stylus allows a fluid and natural writing style, which you can use to make notes during class when typing isn’t enough. The Intel i5 processor delivers a fast performance, automatically providing a boost of speed when needed. What more could you ask for when juggling study and personal life?

To check out the full specs of the machines featured in this post, our full Devices in Education eBook can be viewed/downloaded below/

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