Devices in Education: Secondary

Following on from yesterday’s post focussed on Primary learners, we are now going to shift our attention to the devices best suited for secondary age students.


A secondary school student needs their device to be quick and powerful to allow them to research and create content using many different tools – Office 2013, Windows 8 apps, websites, search engines etc, but need something with great battery life to get them through a full school day.

With this in mind, we have selected the following 3 devices that we think are a great fit for secondary age learners.

Hybrid (Entry Level Device): Acer Iconia W510

A sturdy, stylish solution for students, this device provides the performance they need to get all their homework done. As a hybrid, the device offers students flexibility to fit into their lifestyle, and allows both high performance and convenience in its laptop and tablet forms. Have fun with the 5-point multi-touch capability, which provides a real hands-on experience, and document school work and your personal life with the full HD audio and video recording.


Hybrid (Mid Range): Ergo Hybrid

We think the Hybrid is perfect for providing you with the functionality of a laptop without sacrificing performance, as the included docking station allows you to switch easily to and from the full laptop experience. The headphone jack lets students use applications and research tools which require sound without disrupting the rest of the classroom, and the USB ports let them connect to other devices or peripherals so they can get the class involved with their work from their own device.


All-in-One (Mid Range): Viglen Integra

A flexible all-in-one PC, the Integra is great for classrooms thanks to its simple design and compact footprint. With the choice of display size from 17”-22”, you can get this to suit your needs, whether you want a large screen for creative media work or a slightly smaller one to fit neatly into your classroom, and the height adjustable stand means that individual students can alter the screen height to suit them.


Additional information about the devices illustrated in this post are available within our devices in education eBook. The full eBook can be viewed/downloaded below.

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