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You've seen the headlines. "Student designs million dollar App". The resembling articles you’ve read probably make it seem almost effortless for you to transform your simple idea to global success virtually overnight. However, in reality the challenge of knowing how and where to begin can throw off many potential innovators at the first hurdle

There’s no denying that the digital age is thriving and with ‘developers’ getting younger and younger the demand for easily accessible, user friendly software has been accumulating for quite some time. As is the longing for greater freedom in the classroom from both students and teachers alike. From the student perspective they want to learn relative skills they can use outside of school hours, not simply foundational skills in Word and Excel that will be useful in future employment. Teachers of subjects across the curriculum have been finding new and exciting ways to inspire and envision their students, but creativity has, in some cases, been somewhat capped in recent years when it comes to ICT. Students technical knowledge and ability to pick up new systems and applications is often far greater than what is recognised in the classroom. Thankfully, recent changes to the national curriculum mean greater flexibility for educators.


Microsoft recognises the need for both easy to use developmental applications and the opportunity academics have to provide students of varying technical competency with personal tuition to not only nourish their skills at a young age but to break the stereotype of exactly who can be ‘techy’.

Windows studio has been created with ease and efficiency with the end user in mind. The colourful design in style with Windows 8 is a familiar looking application allowing the creator to easily transition their app idea from build stages to publishing in just 4 simple steps.

The studio optimises an attractive interface which makes navigating through the process stimulating and engaging.


The flexibility of the studio and its design capabilities means that it can develop apps to be as simple or as complicated as the inventor intends, perfect to meet the skill sets of all ages and abilities and putting learning potential in the hands of the student as well as the educator.

The versatility of windows applications means that educators can work with this app solution across a range of devices, from quick reviewing and testing on a laptop on the way to classes, to initial building on smartphones or tablets with students in the classroom and then reviewing student projects back at home on a desktop PC.

We are really excited about the potential Windows App Studio holds and we think you will be too. Why not check it out here.

Who knows what ideas you could bring to life!

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