The Surface RT Experience Day 2

With Day 2 in our series of Surface RT Experience blogs, we will be recounting an experience which focuses more on the technical attributes of the Surface RT

Within the education sector, it is invaluable to have a powerful technical infrastructure to support creative and effective learning, which the Surface RT amalgamated with Office 365, Live Tiles, a proficient battery life and Windows 8 truly delivers. 




The IT Expert's Viewpoint

Without further ado, we bring you the insights from IT and Communications Specialist, Jez Corden, from Walsall Studio School and The Vine Trust:

"I love the build quality, I would have expected something like the kick stand to have been a flimsy gimmick but it’s incredibly robust and snaps into place, blending seamlessly with the overall body. The material is pleasant to the touch, and I was rather blown away by how light it is. I think my cell phone is in fact heavier than the Surface (although it is a Lumia 920 hahah).

The live tiles and interface are not only functional but beautiful, calendar appointments and new emails at a glance, I find incredibly useful. Notifications that I should be working have never been so eye catching! Rather than the messy non-standardised widgets you get on Android devices.

The apps as well are a pleasure to use, intuitively designed and far easier to explain to staff members than competing tablets. Despite being optimised for touch, they still have that familiar Office feel that our staff members are familiar with.

The battery life is fantastic as well, to test it I left it unplugged (although asleep) over night, and was astounded to see 95% of the battery still remained, incredible! I had wondered if the battery meter was broken when I’d been using it unplugged of an evening, continual use for 3 hours unplugged saw the battery still at 100%! This will serve me very well when working away from the office.

Having just checked out the Windows 8.1 preview, I’m incredibly enthusiastic for Surface moving forward! Excellent piece of kit."

Surface RT Promotion

We once again thank you for your patience in this busy time. We are working diligently to process your orders and deliver Surface RT's as quickly as possible, considering the heavy influx of orders. Our sincerest apologies for any delays in order deliveries and responses to queries.

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