The Surface RT Experience

Following our recent blog post on the Surface RT deal this Summer, we thought it might be useful to share some of the great quotes and stories we have been receiving from the community about how educators, IT technicians and students are using the Surface RT to innovate in the classroom and improve learning outcomes.

This will be the first in a series of Surface RT Experience themed posts, so look out for the rest in the series over the next few days. 


Voice of the Students

Representing the UK's university students, Alan Sutherland, President of the University of Surry Student Union shares his thoughts on the Surface RT's design and multi-service enablement:

“On its own, as a piece of hardware design, the Surface RT is a beautiful design, its feels right and it looks right, however the real power comes with the integration. When you add Surface with SkyDrive, Microsoft Account, Skype and Twitter you finally have a practical unified device that is more than just a fashion statement.

For a student to be elected as President of their Students’ Union is a major culture shock. No matter how much you can prepare someone, it is still a challenge to attend all the high level University committees, each of which have lengthy agendas. In equipping officers with the Surface, they can read the papers on line, take notes with true multi-tasking, and instant message for advice during the meeting if they need further information from staff support”


Surface RT Deal Progress

In addition to sharing some of the awesome Surface RT stories we have been receiving, we also wanted to take this opportunity to share an update on how we are getting on with the fulfilment of the Surface RT summer education offer for those of you still waiting for your order(s).

The Surface RT Education team have been working furiously to overcome many of logistical challenges we have had due to the high volume of orders, and we are delighted that the majority of orders are starting to ship from our depot in Holland over the next few days. Again, our sincerest apologies for the delays in our responses to your queries and for the delayed order process. We thank you for baring with us and assure you that we are working diligently to meet your needs.

We will aim to share any additional updates via the blog and Twitter, so stay tuned to these channels if you are waiting longer than you hoped for a response via email etc.

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