Education Empowered

We are excited to announce that our new online resource for students, educators and IT professionals, Education Empowered, is now available.


Education Empowered is packed full of hints, tips and advice around how technology can make the biggest impact within your institution. New stories and tips will be added on a regular basis and the site also includes a useful set of comparisons to help you choose the right service or device for your needs.

From a personal perspective, my favourite part of the new site are the videos. With great video stories from educators discussing how they are using the Surface Pro, for example, to inspire over 400 learners and some fun content showing some of the unique features of Windows 8 in education (got to love Turbo), we look forward to developing and enhancing the content on the site over the coming weeks and months.

Be sure to bookmark the site and let us know what you think as we add new content aligned to Windows 8, Office 365 Education and more.

A couple of the videos mentioned are shown below and we will be posting additional video material from the site to the blog over the next week.

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