MOOC Learning and Gamification with Microsoft Virtual Academy

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Microsoft Virtual Academy ‘MVA’ is Microsoft very own MOOC with over 1 million registered user. MVA is a great way to learn & share.

MVA is a fantastic way to enable you to learn new aspects and train yourself in how to best use Microsoft software and services and gain accreditation and recognition via online learning and gamification.

Gamification is the process of employing the integration of game design concepts into non-game scenarios to obtain instant feedback of either products or services offered. Microsoft Virtual Academy executes this in the following ways:

  • Software: All types of software is available to Developers and IT Professionals. You can chose what you want to learn to enable your career and gain access to extensive set of Microsoft Products.
  • Collaborate: Compete against your friends, challenge yourself as you learn tools, software and software development languages . Posting your score or sharing your progress over time with others is a great way to learn.
  • Growing your skills: There is a staggered pathway to building up your skills and competences. The initial learning is easy, but then progresses to become harder as your progress. This allows you to start from the beginning and slowly grow to effectively.
  • Points, Badges & Leader boards: There is a built in feedback loop for all those performing the tests, challenges and assessments there are points awarded for every assessment you perform and finish.

Badges are obtained via a trophy icon that changes colour from Bronze to platinum the more points obtained.


  • Certification: Once a user has evaluated the software, the user receives a certificate of accomplishment in order to show employers you are skilled in the use of this software or tool.
  • Instant feedback: As you as you go through instant feedback on the software or video is available.
  • Fun: Learning is fun and MVA provides a great starting point for getting to grips with Microsoft tools and technologies.

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