A day in the life of a pupil on Windows 8

7.00am Lydia doesn’t normally miss school but this morning when she gets up, she has a bad tooth-ache. She speaks to her mum who phones the dentist to schedule an emergency appointment. She also emails Lydia’s form tutor to let her know that Lydia won’t be in until 11.00am and will miss the first two lessons of the day. 

9.00am Lydia and her mum set off for the dentist. Lydia takes her mum’s Microsoft Surface Pro with her and while she is in the car she plugs in her Windows To Go USB to access content stored on the device. Accessing her own Microsoft Account on the device  allows her to catch up on a written assessment while she isn’t in the lesson, she doesn’t miss the deadline.         

9.30am Lydia arrives at the dentist. She is told that it will be 30 minutes before the dentist can see her. While she is sitting in the waiting room, her history teacher calls her through Lync on her Windows Phone 8 device and talks her through his plan for the lesson she will miss. Through OneNote he shares the teaching resources and a test that he will set the class. While she is not able to answer all of the questions, she completes the test and sends it back to him. After a couple of injections and an x-ray, Lydia departs the dentist’s surgery feeling much better. She gets to school and joins her class.  

2.00pm After lunch she has Italian during which her teacher sets a group assignment. Lydia gets together with her friends and they start planning the assignment and dividing up the work. During the lesson they make a plan in OneNote and include all of the materials they think they will need to complete it. When the bell goes at the end of the day everyone else goes home. However, Lydia knows that she will be on the school trip to Rome the following week when the group assignment is due. She decides to go to her local library so she can begin work on it straight away. 


4.00pm At the library she plugs her Windows To Go USB into an available computer and is able to access the schools network securely, including all the applications she needs. She opens the plan she compiled with her friends in OneNote. She completes her parts of the assignment then uploads it to OneNote ready for her friends to complete their sections the following week while she is away.  

6.00pm When she gets home she notices that her teacher has uploaded the itinerary for the Rome trip to SkyDrive. She looks online at the places they will visit and finds out some information that is relevant to her group assignment. She goes back into the assignment and adds some more information. While she is online she notices her friends are as well and she messages them on Facebook to let them know that she has completed her sections of the assignment. With OneNote open on the screen, she Skype calls one of her group and talks through her sections of the assignment, the work she has completed and the additional information he has added to the plan.   She also sees that her cousin, who attends a different school, is online. He’s been to Rome before, so Lydia uploads the itinerary for the trip to SkyDrive and gives him secure access. She also sends him a Direct Message on Twitter saying “Rome next week, while you’re in double-maths!”

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