A day in the life of a teacher on Windows 8

7.30am Lucy, a modern foreign languages teacher, leaves for work. Her school is only 30 minutes away, however, this morning there has been an accident on the motorway and ten minutes after leaving home she is stuck in traffic. Half an hour passes and she has moved no more than 50 yards. Accepting that she is unlikely to make it into school for her first lesson at 8.30am, she exits the motorway and pulls into a service station. 

8.10am Once inside, she orders herself a coffee, turns on her Microsoft Surface RT and connects to the internet. She calls her head of department through Lync and lets her know that she is having problems getting in. Lucy opens OneNote creates a lesson plan including videos, images and a PowerPoint presentation. Meanwhile at school the substitute teacher is given a Windows To Go USB so that she can securely access all the applications and resources she will need to cover the lesson. Lucy shares the lesson plan with the substitute teacher and with the information on screen, talks through it with her on Lync.         

While Lucy finishes her coffee and waits for the traffic to clear, she checks SkyDrive to see which of her students have submitted their homework. In OneNote she creates a list of those who haven’t and sends them an audio note letting them know that she must have it by the end of the day.


8.30am The traffic has cleared and she leaves the service station and continues her journey to school. She arrives twenty minutes later and is able to join her first class mid-way through the lesson, picking up from the substitute teacher.

10.30am After her first lesson she has two free periods. The following week she is taking 30 students to Rome on a school trip. Lucy uses the time to log onto the Learning Gateway and checks which parents have submitted their children’s dietary requirements. While she is there she responds to parents’ questions about the planned activities for the trip, uploading copies of the itinerary and links to landmarks they will be visiting.

2.00pm After lunch she has one lesson. Two days earlier she created a lesson overview in OneNote including videos and links to relevant websites and shared it with the class. The students arrive for the lesson having already reviewed most of the content the lesson will be based on. Rather than standing at the front of the class lecturing them, she opens with a discussion on the teaching materials and takes questions from the students. This technology-enabled ‘flipped learning’ experience gets them actively engaged straight away and makes for a more productive lesson.  

3.30pm The lesson overruns slightly, so rather than shouting homework instructions at the students’ backs as they leave the classroom, she turns on her computer and opens OneNote. She details what needs to be completed ahead of the next lesson and adds links to relevant videos and websites. She also attaches the presentation from the lesson and shares the note with her class asking them to reply with any questions they may have.

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