Enabling and inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8: Securing the school

Except from our ‘Enabling and inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8’ eBook.

Any technology entering the boundaries of the school gates, whether cyber or physical, must be properly secured.  Locking down systems and granting only restricted access, while perhaps easier to manage, would prevent students from realising the benefits of collaboration technology.  Security needs must be balanced with the requirement of pupils, teachers and parents to ensure information and content is easily accessed.  Managing access to websites at a granular level, setting usage policies and the provision of weekly reports on activities are all built into Windows 8.


Security is of particular concern when it comes to adopting a BYOD or BYOB policy – the opportunity for data breaches, virus or malware attacks is front of mind for the ICT team; attempting to secure multiple devices and the network represents a huge challenge.

A global study from the Ponemon Institute (2012) on mobility risks said schools should consider elements such as device level encryption, endpoint security and identity management.  Windows 8 can help alleviate some of the security headaches with in-built security, such as Windows Defender and SmartScreen which help to manage the connectivity options and protect devices from viruses and malware.

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