Creat_ED Conference: “Stop Talking, Start Doing”

Guest post by Eylan Ezekiel.

We have all been to inspiring conferences, and seen awesome presentations from those leading the change in the way education can be. To turn those ideas into action we need a space to work with others to make them happen. Finally, someone has created an event that combines those threads:  Inspire / Provoke / Create

#creat_ED is a new event, bringing technology, education and the creative industries together, on the 21st of June at The Barbican.

Born from the ashes of the much loved LWF13, #creat_ED has been built by the community created by that event. It is an unconference (much like a Barcamp/Teachmeet), focussed on doing.

There are will be inspiring and provocative speakers, including the amazing Stevyn Colgan, an ex-Cop who helped to found Scotland Yard's Police Problem Solving Unit and is now a QI elf and writer. He'll be speaking about challenging orthodoxy, making unpredictable connections and problem-solving. Watch a video of him in action here.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, founder of the Good Night Lamp and designswarm will be speaking about how the 'internet of things' will change the way we learn.

The rest of the day will be dedicated to making your ideas happen, and expert catalysts will be supporting workshops to help you be the change.

Tickets are only £40, and there is a discount available for those using the promotional code MicrosoftPIL .

Register your ticket for #creat_ED today!

Eylan Ezekiel is the co-founder of #creat_ED. Eylan  is currently a consultant for The Innovation Unit, and was previously Head of BrainPOP UK.

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