Enabling and inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8: Enthusing the pupils

Excerpt from our ‘Enabling and inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8’ eBook.

Technology has changed the way pupils want to learn. No longer are children confined to desks, staring at the board in front and listening passively as a teacher talks at them. Today’s generation have been brought up with technology as an integrated part of their lives; three-year-olds can work tablet devices, primary school children carry mobile phones and teenagers expect internet access anywhere and everywhere.

With this access to technology at home, pupils expect the same at school, not just for communication and gaming, but to help make learning easy. Schools that embrace this trend can not only use it to help change teaching and learning practices, but also encourage children to be more enthusiastic about learning altogether.


The ease of using Windows 8 on a tablet device can open up a host of positive experiences around technology; the ability to research a topic on one half of the screen while taking notes on the other half, for example. Tasking pupils to go out and take photographs around a particular subject then moving content around from phone to PC with ease can help bring any kind of topic to life.  By enhancing education through creative experiences, lessons and learning are likely to be more dynamic and therefore more likely to be understood and remembered by pupils. 

Our full ‘Enabling and Inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8’ eBook can be viewed/downloaded below.

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