How to access 27 different Microsoft products for your school… for free

Microsoft and Computing at School (CAS) have worked together to provide a free 3 year subscription (normally £130) to DreamSpark Standard for all CAS Schools.

clip_image002DreamSpark Standard provides access to 27 different Microsoft developer, gaming and designer tools from Kodu to Visual Studio Professional) and server products (Windows Server and SQL Server) to enable educators to install the software in their teaching classrooms and on their own machines for educational purposes. Additionally, students can install the software on their own machines so they can carry on at home!

For more detail please see the full guide on the CAS site here (you do need to be a member to see it but it is free to join) . It’s a 3Mb PowerPoint presentation explaining the process and including the code to register for free or if you have any question you can always post them here or mail

This is a terrific opportunity for schools to access professional developer tools and a whole host more for their schools and their students. Enjoy!

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