Tablets in education: Acer W510

In the first in a series of device orientated HeadsUp videos, Mark Reynolds gives us a detailed, but non-technical, overview of the Acer W510 running Windows 8 Pro.

The Acer 510 is a highly portable dockable tablet, with 9 hours of battery life, that is available via Shape the Future for £395 and includes Office.

We will be releasing additional videos via the blog on an ongoing basis. If there is a specific device you would like us to feature, just leave your request in the comments below.

Comments (3)

  1. Jemma Irwin says:

    Can you please feature the HP Elite pad.

  2. Tim Bush says:

    Sounds good! We will add it to the list 🙂

  3. Harold says:

    I user both the HP ElitePad and the W510.

    Overall they both perform the same.

    Some key differences between the two:

    1.) The HP doesn't Snap

    2.) They both need a special dongle to charge

    3.) If you are charging the HP you can't use the USB adapter.

    4.) The W510 is limited to a 32GB microSD card

    5.) The W510 has ports for microHDMI and microUSB.  You have to buy something extra for the ELitePad to get this functionality

    6.) The ElitePad has more additional $add-on$ options for it.

    Perhaps I should write a blog comparing the two.

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