Little Miss Geek Wearable Tech Event

On 25th April, the fashion and technology worlds collided at a schools event where girls were encourage to create Wearable Technology. The event, held in celebration of International Girls in ICT Day, was hosted by social enterprise company Little Miss Geek, who aim to inspire upcoming generations of women to become engaged in the technological world of work.



The stats speak for themselves. The number of women working in technology is decreasing even though the overall number of jobs is increasing. Astonishingly, only 17% of jobs in the UK tech sector are held by women, yet the next generation of workers have grown up with technology at their fingertips. We should be encouraging these young girls to embrace the technology they use and enjoy every day, and turn their passion into a career.

Little Miss Geek wants to change that, and want to run Little Miss Geek academies in every school in order to help young girls realise that those exciting jobs in technology could be theirs.

During the Wearable Technology event last month, young girls were encouraged to make technologically advanced fashion designs throughout the day, and were inspired by successful women in technology from Dell and Microsoft, as well as fashion designer Francesca Rosella, known for her interactive and futuristic designs such as the Nicole Scherzinger Twitter dress.

Check out this video to see the girls’ creations!


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