BYOD in Education: Why go BYOD?

Excerpt from our BYOD in education eBook written by Ollie Bray.

imageGenerally speaking there are three main reasons why you may decide to develop BYOD within your school or education institution. These reasons are described below:

Student familiarity

If you own your device it is very likely that you will know how it works and what it can do. In short, this means that, from a learning perspective, you lose less time getting students to understand and wrestle with the hardware and gain more time on focused learning

Bridge between formal and informal learning

Most people agree that one way of improving education is to progress towards a model where students can access learning anytime and anywhere. This is one of the components of holistic education transformation mentioned previously.One of the barriers to this adoption is that many students perceive there to be a difference between learning in school and learning at home.

This is not always helped by the fact that on-line learning content within formal education is often confined to the domain of the school network and therefore often the school computer lab.

Cloud computing and cloud storage (including services like Office 365 Education) has started to change this. Learners can access their content and a range of online tools from any Internet enabled device.

Cost and sustainability

The adoption of BYOD obviously also includes the possibility for cost savings and we should not be ashamed to admit this. In the modern world we simply have to do ‘more’ for ‘less’. In most cases BYOD has the potential to quickly convert your school into a 1:1 Learning environment, where there is an average ratio of one Internet enabled device for each learner.

However, it is also worth noting that most schools that have been successful in BYOD have often found that their actual costs have not really been reduced. They do, however, have extra resources available to redirect towards network
configurations, staff professional development and other technology projects. These efficiency savings can also be used to fund devices for learners who are not fortunate enough to have their own device or who are not allowed to bring it into school.

The important thing to remember here is that BYOD can improve learning and may reduce costs. For other cost saving ideas for education see our popular eBook on ‘Cost Savings in Education’.

To learn more about BYOD in education, download or view our full eBook below:

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