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Microsoft Summer School - 'Support students to gain new and exciting App and Programming Skills as well as prepare for a Computer Science GCSE

What is a Microsoft Certification Summer School?

The idea is to support your students, certify their skills on technologies like App and Gaming design, HTML 5, Networking and Security, skills that they will need as they enter further education or the workforce. MTA provides students with confidence, motivation and their first Microsoft certification.  You can run specific training or the student can self-study through the free resources.  You can pick a day that your students can come in and test their knowledge and skills by doing a Microsoft technology (MTA) Associate exam.  MTA skills development is a great way for schools to help students to explore career paths with a modest investment of time and money. MTA Prepares students for more advanced Microsoft certification.

How do we become a 'Microsoft Summer Schools'?

  • First you must be a Microsoft IT Academy member.  If not, you can subscribe to the programme through your reseller (ERP £756pa).  Please note that the IT Academy program comes with free digital courseware for MTA and 20 free MTA certifications for teachers
  • Order and activate the MTA certification pack (250 Exam vouchers).  These can also be purchased through your reseller and added to your academic agreement (ERP £1,732pa for 500 vouchers)
  • (Optional) Become a test center by applying to Certiport ( ) our global certification exam provider. (No additional cost) Alternatively you can send your students to the nearest test center. To search nearest test center locations see  (
  • (Optional) On your chosen day, you can open up your schools computer lab and run the exams or alternatively send your students to a chosen location
  • Check out best practices on test fests from Certiport.

What is a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)? 

MTA certification helps prove knowledge of fundamental technology concepts. Students can learn a variety of areas that can interest them likes modern App creation which include mobile apps, HTML 5, Phone apps & Windows 8 apps. The MTA certification is mapped on the QCF at Level 2 and is a great addition to any CV, whether a student is going in to vocational or higher education or still a year or two away from their GCSE.  When a student earns an MTA certification, they become a member of our global Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) community and provides progression to further professional certifications if the student wants to explore and pursue a career in IT. You can get some ideas and tips on how to plan and run these events from the Certiport MTA test Fest website here.

What MTA resources are available within IT Academy to help students and teachers prepare?

As an IT Academy Member you can access free digital Microsoft Official Academic Courseware “(MOAC)". IT Academy Members can also access e-learning content within their membership including courses for developer skills. Students can access Student Study Guides here as well as use MeasureUp practice tests here.  Teachers also receive 20 free MTA Instructor Exams to support their CPD around developing ICT/Computer Science to their students. Both Teachers and Students can visit to learn about Dreamspark a free software resource that teachers and students can access to download the relevant tools to help them learn MTA skills, like Visual Basic, Phone SDK, and Kinect SDK etc.

What are the Prizes?

The top performing student from your school will be invited to Microsoft’s UK Head Office in Reading, Monday 16th  September, for an exciting “Developer skills day session” accompanied by a representative from their school. The winning students accompanied by their Teacher’s will learn about building apps and how to develop and upload to Windows Store. To learn more about building apps, please see links to Windows 8 and Windows Phone Development sites: & can start building apps today and also participate in the App Builders Reward Competition

The Top 3 students with the highest MTA Exam score across the participating schools will be presented with a Windows Surface RT at the “Developer skills session day” by our Microsoft Academic Service Partner (MASP) ITSkillsman

Need Help?  Try a Microsoft Academic Service Partner?

ITSkillsman is one of Microsoft’s UK MASP’s.  Their role it is to support and help IT Academies meet their goals with the benefits of the programme and by embedding certifications in to curriculum.  ITSkillsman also offer an additional support package, the Enhanced Benefits Programme (EBP) that institutes can add to their IT Academy membership.  For more details, please contact

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be an active (not expired or in grace) IT Academy Member to enter
  • You must purchase a minimum of one MTA exam pack  by June 21st 2013 to be eligible to Enter
  • On receiving your ITA Membership and MTA certification exam pack register by emailing the Microsoft Education Team at with you Microsoft agreement number.  The team will acknowledge your entry by reply
  • MTA Exams must be taken by August 31st 2013
  • Submit your winning student with their score to educationuk@microsoft.comby Wednesday 4th September
  • Your top performing students will be invited to a developer skills session at Microsoft accompanied by the ICT/Computer Science Teacher or Teacher of choice from your school

When can I get started?

The competition starts now and winners will be announced Monday, 9th September 2013, through our blog contacted directly by Microsoft

If you want to get your school started with the MTA exams, please contact your reseller to start the process to become an IT Academy Member or get in touch with the Microsoft Education team at

To share your story and let us know when you plan to run the exams simply email


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