Shape the Future: Putting 1:1 access into the hands of the person rather than the school

As we have seen throughout our week dedicated to easy and more affordable ways of achieving 1:1 Computing, technology is a strong enabler to helping learners improve attainment via increased engagement and higher levels of responsibility.

Shape the Future, through its commitment to helping to equip learners with essential 21st skills and stimulate social mobility, is designed to help create an environment where 1:1 computing is part of everyone's lives, rather than just the privileged. Furthermore, with the unique education pricing that is at the heart of all Shape the Future solutions, the programme ensures that 1:1 access is put in the hands of the person rather than the school. In essence, Shape the Future offers a way in for a whole generation to embrace the benefits of anytime, anywhere computer access.

The Shape the Future movement has started. Learn from Kirsty Tonks, Joice Fernandes, Mike Allen, Vanessa Pittard, Sir Mark Grundy and, most importantly, the learners about how and why you should join in the following video.

To start out on your own Shape the Future portal journey, visit the RM portal to get access to the full range of devices and the programme criteria.

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