Office 365 Education Top User Tips #10 – Blogging in SharePoint Online

Originally posted by James B Marshall on the UK Education Cloud Blog.

It’s time for our final post in the top user tips series, and today it’s all about blogging in SharePoint Online. You might also want to check out top tip #2 about social networking, and top tip #7 about following content in SharePoint Online as well.

As a teacher or a student, blogging can help document achievements, showcase exemplar work and also share knowledge and best practice. The beauty of doing this via SharePoint Online is that it can be made private, is searchable across the institution and accessed with your Office 365 ID. Blogging in SharePoint Online also takes advantage of the new social networking features of the new Office 365 Education, meaning you can like, follow, mention and tag people and content with ease.

Here’s an example of a simple blog (click to enlarge!):


Setting up a blog site in SharePoint Online couldn’t be easier. Here’s a video that explains, in about a minute, how to do it.

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