Office 365 Education Top User Tips #8 – Excel Surveys

Originally posted by James B Marshall on the UK Education Cloud Blog.

We’re into the final three top user tips in our series, and today it’s all about a topic we covered back in August last year: Excel Surveys! Available in both Office 365 Education, and the consumer SkyDrive service, Excel Surveys have a huge potential application in the classroom and are accessible via a browser on your PC, tablet device, or even your smartphone.

Surveys are very straightforward to create; especially in SkyDrive Pro:


Discovering & Sharing with Microsoft Tag

A great way to extend the reach of your survey, apart from the usual URL shortening services, is to use Microsoft Tag, a service to help you create Tag barcodes, QR codes, or even an NFC URL to add to an NFC tag.

One scenario in real life could be the inclusion of Tag barcodes on posters around a school, on the sports day programme, or in the school newsletter to get feedback and opinion from students, teachers and parents.

Why not check out our survey – you can scan it using your favourite scanning app for your device, or download the free mobile app!


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