BETT Partners in Learning Appathon 2013

Originally posted on the Microsoft Teacher Blog.

If there was sound on this post , you would be hearing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor (Rocky III) , as at BETT 2013 , Partners in Learning is hosting its first ever Windows 8 Appathon. Teacher from around Europe have been involved online training, learning how to use a browser based development environment called TouchDevelop (you will be hearing a lot more about TouchDevelop from us).

To enter the event teachers, had to scope and create brief for a tablet app that they could then build with the help of experts at the event in London, with the winning app being published on the Microsoft App store.

imageThe UK had 14 teachers entered, three of which managed to get their App idea through to this this final bout of the competition. The three teachers that will battle it out are: -

Jimmy Edwards from community school

David Renton from Reid Kerr College

Ray Chambers from Uppingham College

These guys will be ‘locked’ in a room at our London offices with 40 others for 24hrs, with supplies of Pizza and cola to sustain them as they battle it out in developing their app.

We will be announcing how they got on and details of their apps in a post after BETT, in the meantime have a look at TouchDevelop for yourselves at , there are plenty of tutorials to help you get started.

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