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Learning with Promethean ActivEngage Delivers Immediate Results and Enhances Use of Microsoft Surface

Transforming education inside and outside the classroom means thinking differently about how teaching is delivered and the way teachers capture and use student performance data. Mobile devices and tablets can be valuable tools, but without the software or applications to integrate them into lessons, they are ineffective in advancing learning.

This is where Promethean’s virtual assessment for learning software ActivEngage can help. It turns any handheld device, including Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 powered devices, into a robust 21st Century teaching and learning tool. The app works on school or student owned devices, allows students to contribute to collaborative exercises, and lets them provide real-time feedback in class. 

Promethean ActivEngage sets the standard in assessment software for tablets, smartphones and traditional computers. It is a foundational component of a fully integrated education solution that seamlessly connects assessment to instruction.

Students can use the app to share their ideas from a brainstorming session to a central display, such as a Promethean ActivBoard. They can also use the app to personalise learning by working their way through a series of questions and challenges at their own pace and level. At the same time, the teacher can monitor individual progress and intervene efficiently and effectively when necessary.

 ActivEngage doesn’t stop here. Educators can export the data into Microsoft Excel™ format for further analysis.

If you are considering a tablet initiative for your classroom or school, Promethean ActivEngage can help you improve your return on investment. It is an ideal solution to increase student engagement and facilitate collaborative and to enable teachers to personalised learning and improve learning outcomes.

ActivEngage Link:

See Promethean ActivEngage in action on the Promethean stand: C80.


Example of a sort-in-order task in Promethean ActivEngage

Create Interactive and Engaging Lessons with Promethean ActivOffice

Interactive whiteboards such as the Promethean ActivBoard 500 Pro are designed to facilitate a very high level of interaction with content.

Promethean ActivOffice embeds a unique toolbar within the Microsoft PowerPoint ribbon giving teachers and students access to new functionalities, including the ability to annotate directly on whole group activities or conduct simple polls or assessments using Promethean learner response systems (ActivExpression, ActiVote and ActivEngage). Using the Promethean ActivOffice features, presenters can reinforce key content, make presentations more memorable, and engage audiences, transforming their experience from being passive listeners to engaged participants.

Promethean ActivOffice can be used with or without an ActivBoard but when used with Promethean’s next-generation ActivBoard 500, presenters and participants have the option to use the pen and touch capability of PowerPoint and Windows optimally.  Educators and students can use the right tool for the right task. It all just works naturally. Use multi-touch to swipe through slides and zoom into media and the ActivPen to instantly make notes and drawing. The unique Promethean ActivOffice tool bar enables access to masses of PowerPoint based curriculum content from publishers with no modification needed. Just open the file and go. There is no new software to be learned!


Promethean ActivOffice adds key interactive whiteboard software features into PowerPoint

Want to add a page ‘on the fly’ to keep some written notes and comments from the class or to explain an idea?  It’s simple – just use the Insert Page button in the Promethean ActivOffice toolbar at any time during your lesson and start writing.

Would you like instant feedback to know if the class is keeping up?  You can author questions that appear as PowerPoint pages or ask questions ‘ad-hoc’.  Do quick quizzes, or ask for words or numbers in freeform response mode to really help personalise your lesson.

Want to know how an individual did? You can export any feedback collected into Excel for detailed analysis afterwards.

Are you using Office 365 and want to share the presentation and notes with your students at the end of the lesson?  It’s easy. Simply upload the PowerPoint file to Microsoft Sharepoint or Skydrive, and your students can view and edit it using the Microsoft Web Applications.  No file conversion, no fuss – it is the power of ‘the cloud’ harnessed so you can focus on the teaching and learning.

Other key things to look for at the Promethean Bett booth (C80)

  • ·        Come and experience the Promethean Learning Productivity Studio. Here we will be hosting live interactive presentations throughout Bett where you will be able to see Promethean’s solutions for Whole Class, Collaborative and Personalized Learning working together to give an integrated teaching and learning journey. Windows 8 devices running Promethean’s ActivEngage response and assessment software will show how learning can be enhanced for all types of students.
  • ·        In our Business & Government section, we will be showing Promethean’s latest version of our class-leading ActivTable running Windows 8. Our solution for Workplace Learning also shows in-depth use of Promethean ActivOffice for Microsoft PowerPoint, Micrsosoft Lync and Office 365.
  • ·        We will also be showcasing a suite of Microsoft applications and Windows 8 devices on the Promethean ActivBoard near our main reception. We’ll be delighted to show you the full power of Promethean’s solutions when enabled by the latest Microsoft technology.

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