Bett 2013: New Era for Digital Learning session and Windows in the Classroom

Come and join us at Bett 2013 at the Microsoft Learn Live Theatre (stand D270 and E270) for our New Era for Digital Learning session, which will cover Windows in the Classroom. This session will be daily at 12pm and 4pm (11.30am and 2.30pm on Saturday).


We are witnessing a paradigm shift in how we discover, access, and use digital content, in ways that are enabling immersive experiences and engagements. As a result, in schools we’re seeing a growing trend towards Bring your Own Device and 1 to 1 Personalised Learning. We’re also seeing learning outside of the classroom made possible in ways we never would have imagined just 20 years ago, and we have started to see some of the potential that the cloud brings to school computing. More than anything though, one of the key drivers behind the adoption of technology in our classrooms has been the commitment and desire to develop, in all our students, a set of core 21st Century skills that will enable them to progress through their education and beyond.

Windows in the classroom

Windows in the Classroom is a great starting point for any school considering or enhancing their 1-to-1 learning program, and they allow you to see the diversity of Microsoft software and devices applied to learning. The Windows in the Classroom seminars demonstrate how Windows 8 applies to learning and how it can be used to inspire students and improve educational outcomes. Guided by a qualified education trainer, these two-hour sessions are scheduled and delivered by our education partners RM and Dell, and can be held at your school or in the local area.

The New Era for Digital Learning presentation at Bett 2013 will:

• Discuss global education research on innovation teaching
• Show how software and devices are unleashing 21st century learning
• Demonstrate specific and real world examples
• Explore future professional development opportunities and key programs like ‘Shape the Future.’

If we are going to spend money on technology in schools it has to be to improve student learning by delivering more powerful and engaging learning experiences. The New Era for Digital Learning session at Bett 2013 will help you explore tools and technologies that energise and engage students; and help school leaders and teachers learn how to get more out of the software they use every day.



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