RM at Bett 2013

Guest post by RM, one of our Microsoft Bett 2013 partners

Right next to the Bett 2013 arena is where you’ll find RM Education at Bett 2013 and the leading school technology partner will be showcasing a range of exciting new products – many of which are free of charge.


The Bett things in life from RM Education are FREE

  • RM Unify – single sign-on launch pad to the cloud – free
  • RM Books – the first ebook system specifically designed for schools – free
  • Bring Your Own Device– advice on how to make BYOD happen - free
  • Classroom 2020 – immersive experience looking at the future teaching and learning – free

RM Unify

The internet presents limitless learning opportunities but also significant challenges for schools. How do you find the best applications, how do you set up and manage the user accounts in those applications, and how do your users access them easily without having to remember tens of usernames and passwords?

RM Unify is the Launch Pad to the Cloud that solves these challenges; it allows any school to access all their internet based services and applications they use through a simple single sign-on process, meaning users only ever have to remember one username and password. RM Unify also enables you to access those applications on any device you choose, as long as you have an Internet connection. This means whether it is the laptop at school, the iPad at home or the PC in the local library, users will get access to the same resources in exactly the same way.

RM Books

RM Books is the first ebook solution specifically designed for schools. Free to use, RM Books includes hundreds of curriculum literature books provided free of charge and gives access to high quality curriculum textbook titles from leading education publishers. Using a unique pricing model RM Books is designed to be compatible with school budgets. The online system enables schools to rent, buy and manage ebooks which can be viewed on, or downloaded to, virtually any internet enabled device (iOS, Windows, Mac, Android). The simple and intuitive user interface makes management and allocation of books easy. Teachers can choose and allocate the books they need while finance staff keep control of budgets.

Now imagine if every teacher and pupil had their own device to use these tools on…

Bring Your Own Device

Learn how ‘BYOD’ could support you in delivering 1:1 access to technology and see how can you make a 1:1 pupil to device ration possible in your school. Shape the Future is a global Microsoft initiative, aiming to give learners 1:1 access to their own computer and a host educationally focused software, enabling them to benefit from the many opportunities technology has to offer. All you have to do is choose the devices, and there’s plenty of choice under the scheme including RM and 3rd party notebooks, mini devices and a revolutionary tablet!

Classroom 2020
Be inspired by what the future of teaching and learning could look like and find out how to start moving towards that vision today; let’s visualise and create a progressive future together.

Come and visit us on stands C160 and C170, next to the Bett Arena, to see why RM is the first choice for Education.

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