Bett 2013: Windows 8 at Hartsbrook E-ACT Free School Session

At Bett 2013, our Microsoft Learn Live Theatre will be host for sessions, delivered by teachers, network managers and Microsoft staff to reveal how technology can make a real difference within your institution.

One of the sessions at the Bett 2013 Microsoft Learn Live theatre is titled Windows 8 at Hartsbrook E-ACT Free School Session and will be delivered by Charlotte Beckhurst from the school (at 13.30 and 17.00 Wednesday – Friday and 13.00 and 15.30 on Saturday).

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Here’s a bit more info about Charlotte and her Windows 8 session at Bett 2013.

App Happy at age 5? Using Windows 8 in the Early Years Classroom

My name is Charlotte Beckhurst and I work for Hartsbrook E-Act Free School in Tottenham Hale.

Starting in September 2012 we opened with a brand new school, brand new students and brand new technology. For many of our students the state of the art touch screen computers and the use of laptops in the classroom was a whole new and exciting experience.

So how did they find it? I will be looking at both their journey through Windows 8 and my journey as a teacher, as well as the learning which took place for all involved. I look forward to sharing the experience with you at Bett 2013.


You can register here for Bett 2013.

Full schedule details for the Bett 2013 Microsoft Learn Live Theatre can be seen here.

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