Naace at Bett 2013

Guest post by Naace, one of our Microsoft Bett 2013 partners


Excitement builds as we approach our first Bett at a new location, ExCeL London. It is hard to believe that only a few short months ago we were celebrating the Olympics events being held there and now the world’s largest education technology show is coming to the venue that saw history being made.

It has certainly been a year of history making for ICT as a subject since the last time educators and industry met up in January 2012, when Michael Gove announced plans for dis-application of the programme of study and the Royal Society report was published. Consultation processes have been the order of the day in England and the recommendations of a panel for the draft ICT programme of study were sent to the DfE at the end of November. In the meantime, Welsh curriculum consultation processes have also begun. A theme running through both processes is the need for a greater emphasis on developing the computer science aspects of ICT within the curriculum. This is reflected in the Naace ICT Curriculum Framework (published in May 2012), which includes those areas within a broad and balanced approach to ICT. It is imperative that we continue to provide a rich approach to all aspects of ICT, including those elements of computer science, programming and coding, without losing valuable IT and digital literacy skills. These are needed for the children in our schools to become empowered citizens who are able to make valuable contributions to our future society.

In the light of all these developments, it is timely to see Nicki Maddams’ work with Kodu being recognised at a the Partners in Learning Global Forum and we are pleased to be joining with Microsoft, a long-standing Naace partner, at Bett 2013 to share ideas for how this powerful tool can support a rich, revised and revitalised ICT curriculum. Watch out for some exciting Kodu announcements that will be coming up during Bett!


We are looking forward to sharing other great Microsoft tools to support the ICT curriculum, such as Kinect SDK, as well as those that can transform teaching and learning across the whole school curriculum. We will be considering how the technology will be used to have an impact on learning so that we get the best possible value for any technology investments made in school. Strategic, considered approaches to developing school ICT will be an important feature of our stand, as will equipping and empowering teachers so they are able to develop ambitious visions for future learning success.

It is valuable partnerships like this that help our members to continue navigating a way through an array of amazing technologies, powerful learning opportunities and an evolving curriculum landscape. Come and join the discussions on our Naace stand, where you can be sure of a warm welcome.

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