Acer’s digital classroom and mobility at school

The Digital Classroom Framework

Acer’s goal is to provide the education environment with the digital framework to enable a new way of interaction and exploration. Digital learning refers to creating real-world 21st-century learning environments that break
through conventional barriers - an approach that combines the best of traditional classroom teaching with digital learning tools and methods to make learning more fun and improve academic results.

To create a digital classroom framework, Acer provides a suite of products and services to serve the education community, from portable devices (tablets, notebooks and netbooks) to facilitate intelligent classrooms and mobile learning, to fixed solutions (desktops, monitors, projectors) designed to provide reliable classroom solutions.

Service and warranty

Acer’s customer service and support always offers the highest standards. Acer Service is well organized to complete repairs efficiently and quickly, while the Acer call centers can give users all the information they need. Specialised technicians perform repairs with the best tools on the market. Moreover, each Acer Repair Center has a quality control team that tests repaired products and replaced parts as well as the chassis to ensure the machine was correctly assembled.

All Acer products come with a standard Warranty*. On top of it, Acer offers on the whole product range the Acer Advantage, a warranty extension program that can be purchased and grants a priority repair service. Notebooks can even be covered by the Accidental Damage Insurance, which takes care of any accidental and unforeseen damage to the product.

Mobility at school


Tablets are a new category of products that can answer very well the Educational needs due to their portable design and interactive capabilities. Thanks to tablets, teachers can develop innovative pedagogical approaches: prepare lessons, improve learning resources and use them in class or outdoor. The use of tablets can motivate and encourage learning. Tablets can easily display high-resolution video, illustrate and reinforce concepts, and with online assignments, students gain the ability to interact with the topics they’re learning.


A complete line up of notebooks with different configurations and sizes allows to find the solution that meets everyday classroom demands. Acer’s notebooks offer full connectivity, manageability and security and are ideal for both content creation and consumption.

Acer notebooks are also equipped with Education software either pre-installed or free to download, that is specifically designed to provide teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with their students in class.

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Taken from the Acer in Education brochure.

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