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Acer for Education is the investment in tomorrow! Acer’s mission of breaking down barriers between people and technology makes the company the appropriate partner for education institutions.

Acer believes the world would be a better place if more people had better access to technology, and that the most valuable part of computing is its power to spread knowledge. For this reason, Acer is dedicated to making technology
affordable and accessible to all, providing innovative and extremely easy solutions for the global community. Acer sees as its responsibility to equip today’s generation with the knowledge they need for tomorrow.

Creating innovative technology for the classroom, Acer helps students explore beyond limits providing access to new paths of communication and interaction. Empowering educators to keep pace with today’s high-tech world, Acer’s trusted solutions are easy to use for teachers and students alike. Confident of their technology, teachers can concentrate on their pupils’ learning.

This new approach to education will make today’s students, grown up in an era in which young people live and breath technology, feel closer to their everyday life.

Why Acer for Education?

  • With over 30 years of experience, Acer is dedicated to serving the needs of the education market and empowering knowledge through technology.

    Acer’s full line of complementary education products supports the 1-to-1 learning approach in all subjects, encouraging the pedagogical process in an easy and efficient way. Acer products are intuitive and specifically engineered to make learning fun. Our range of products for Education includes tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks, desktops, monitors and projectors.

  • Acer provides an uncomplicated and inspired learning platform with sleek design to make learning exciting.
  • Education products are engineered specifically for students’ exploration beyond the classroom boundaries. They are built to hold up to daily use in many environments.
  • Acer believes that exploration through technology is a right, not a privilege. This is why our products are affordable, reliable and robust, in order to lead to a lower Total Cost of
    Ownership (TCO).
  • Every explorer cherishes the world around him and Acer is no different. It is our corporate responsibility to invest in green technologies to be used in schools.
  • The Acer Education division is totally dedicated to addressing the needs of the education market, not only through a dedicated product range, but also by helping school executives to make the right choices for their organization.
  • Acer develops partnerships with third parties to build an Education Ecosystem aimed at providing best-in-class solutions.

The Education sector cannot stay still. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investment in Education is considered a key way to fuel economic development, increase workforce competitiveness, transition to a knowledge-based economy, and drive job creation.

By Acer.

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