Windows 8 in Education eBook: Education and Productivity Apps

Excerpt from our Windows 8 in Education eBook.

Windows 8 comes with a number of Apps as standard, but you can also download a growing selection of Apps from the Windows Store. Remember that as long as you have logged in, your Apps will follow you around to whichever device you use.

Key Apps that come built into Windows 8 include:

Internet Explorer 10:

Internet Explorer 10 is a new browser, built for Windows 8, that is fast and fluid and perfect for touch.




This helps you manage your contacts (and classes). It links duplicate contacts and also allows you to quickly see your contacts updates on Twitter and Facebook. For the educators building personal learning and support networks on services such as Twitter, this can be a great support for CPD.



Messaging provides a powerful unified communications tool that links seamlessly to Windows Live Messenger and Facebook, and offers teachers and lecturers an easy way to collaborate. Students, of course, will take to it like ducks to water!


This is a highly efficient example of its type, proven in Bing Maps, and now with the additional seamless efficiency of Windows 8. As well as a geographical resource, Maps is a wonderful tool for enhancing stories that include journeys and adventures.


This is a great looking App, with forecasts and statistics in graphics and figures against an atmospheric background. Wonderful for climate study and also for a wide range of data handling projects using Office tools within Windows 8.



The full Windows 8 in education eBook can be downloaded via our SlideShare account, or alternatively, can be viewed in full below.

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