24 schools in 24 hours: Windows 8 Launch around the world in education

Originally posted on the Daily Edventures Blog.

Wow, what an edventure the last 24 hours has been!

It has been a phenomenal day.

To celebrate the launch of Windows 8, I’ve just completed 24 events in 24 hours across 24 time zones, visiting with thousands of educators and students via the Microsoft Education Skype-athon (#MicrosoftEducation #Windows8).

During this whirlwind of activity, I spent time in classrooms, stadiums, and auditoriums across the world – showing off all of the amazing things Windows 8 can do for educators and students, answering great questions and sharing my excitement about how it can make a difference to teaching and learning.

It was extremely inspiring for me to spend time with these students, our future leaders.  They have a thirst for knowledge and they have genuine enthusiasm about new technology.

Their energy kept me going for 24 hours (plus Dr. Pepper and Sour Patch kids).

We started in New Zealand yesterday at Botany Downs Primary School, then over to Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Russia, Europe, an awesome event with 700 students at Eunice High School in South Africa, South America, and the US, finishing up here in Seattle with an in-person event at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.

What a fabulous journey.  Some of my favorite tweets @anthonysalcito that kept me going all night long are:

  • #microsofteducation is going to start a revolution and change the world
  • All I want for Christmas is #Windows8!!!#microsofteducation
  • Don’t pilot a device…pilot a pedagogy@anthonysalcito
  • @anthonysalcito emphasizing that education is not about the gadgets but the learning it enables.

It’s been an amazing 24 hours, and a journey I won’t soon forget.

I’m so excited to show how Windows 8 is helping bring about a new era of technology both inside and outside of the classroom. Windows 8 has been re-imagined for learning and is optimized to bring learning to life, enabling students to consume, collaborate, and create in new and exciting ways — all with no compromises.

The personalization and productivity experiences in Windows 8 will bring new life to the classroom and I can’t wait to see what it will do to help re-invent education for the 21st century!

I want to thank all the phenomenal educators around the world that welcomed me into their schools and shared with me all the innovation they’re creating in their classrooms each day.

I’ve found some real leaders in education that I hope I can showcase here at http://www.dailyedventures.com in the coming months.

Now I look forward to getting some sleep!



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