Windows 8 in Education: Relevant and Personal

Excerpt from our Windows 8 in Education eBook.

For learners and teachers, one of the major attractions of Windows 8 is its seamless performance across a range of devices – tablets, ultrabooks, notebooks, the various hybrids and ‘all-in-ones’.



Windows 8 offers the user a no-compromise, single sign-on experience across all these device types. So, a teacher could start lesson preparation on a staff room PC, then pick up their Windows 8 tablet to continue the same task on the train. Arriving home, they relinquish the tablet to a child with homework to do, and settle down to carry on their work on a family laptop. In each case they’ve encountered the familiar look, feel and efficiency of their own personalised version of Windows 8.

This potential to move between devices without the distraction of changing operating systems is huge. Learners encounter, wherever they go, the same unified interface with a modern look and feel. The same familiarity will then extend into working life, where Windows is the global operating system of choice.

Our full Windows 8 in Education eBook can be downloaded via our SlideShare account. Alternatively, the eBook can be viewed below.

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