Why Hyper-V? (New Whitepaper)

Virtualisation technologies help customers’ lower costs and deliver greater agility and economies of scale. Either as a stand-alone product or an integrated part of Windows Server, Hyper-V is the leading virtualization platform for today and the transformational opportunity with cloud computing.

With Hyper-V, it is now easier than ever for organisations to take advantage of the cost savings of virtualisation, and make the optimum use of server hardware investments by consolidating multiple server roles as separate virtual machines that are running on a single physical machine. Customers can use Hyper-V to efficiently run multiple operating systems, Windows, Linux, and others, in parallel, on a single server.

Windows Server 2012 extends this with more features, greater scalability and further inbuilt reliability mechanisms. In the data centre, on the desktop, and now in the cloud, the Microsoft virtualisation platform, which is led by Hyper-V and management tools, simply makes more sense and offers better value for money when compared to the competition.

To learn more about Hyper-V and how it can make a difference within your institution, download our new ‘Why Hyper-V?’ whitepaper. Alternatively, the full whitepaper can be viewed in full below.


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