Innovating to improve outcomes and value in schools

Technology is having a significant impact on teaching and learning. The power of the cloud and more consumer orientated devices are making anytime, anywhere learning more commonplace and accessible to all. Furthermore, with access to free, or very cost effective, learning content, such as the Khan Academy, now becoming ubiquitous, the role of the teacher is going to evolve and become more important than ever.


So with these observations in mind, how can we best capitalise on the innovation we are witnessing to improve both attainment and outcomes in schools?

Creating more emotional and personalized experiences using technology rather than simply digitising traditional methods of content delivery, such as text books, is vital as the use of technology in the classroom matures. These emotional experiences, using techniques such gaming in education, can have a direct and positive impact on attainment in schools.

Gaming focuses on emotion. You can have funny games, scary games, adrenalin inducing games, and it could be argued that we need to get to this same place with the innovations we are seeing with the use of technology in education. Games offer a wide range of benefits that are well suited to education, such as challenge, progression, reward and access to personalised real-time experiences. These benefits, combined with making education more relevant to the workplace, built around STEM based skills, offers the potential for revolutionary pedagogical changes to be introduced that can both inspire learners and improve outcomes and value in schools.

We are just starting out on this journey, but look forward to following its progression carefully as its adoption builds momentum.

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