Using Bing search in the classroom

Instant answers and peace of mind, too. Students stop learning when they get frustrated or stuck. Bing can help students move forward on a lesson or their homework when you can’t be there to help.


Get your formula for success

Find a square root quickly. Capture the correct spelling, definition or pronunciation of a word. You and your students simply type the maths problem, word, or topic into the Bing search box. Bing offers instant answers to maths, language, and other educational questions.

Search with confidence

Bing has security settings to help keep inappropriate content from appearing in students’ search results. Internet access remains productive and educational. And that gives peace of mind to parents, teachers, and administrators.

Discover a quick, reliable reference

Bing offers reliable, organised answers from reference experts Wolfram Alpha for geography, chemistry, and more.

Teacher tips

  • For younger students, use Bing instant answers to help improve their vocabulary. Have students type more advanced words in the Bing search box. Simply type in “Define” followed by the word they wish to learn. Students will get a definition, and often times an audio button will appear so they can listen and learn the correct pronunciation. Bing can also assist with maths equations, and even help with understanding basic graphing.
  • Teach students about the necessity of imports and exports between countries. Assign a different country to each student in class. Have students use Bing instant answers to determine the population, climate, and key resources of their country. Next, have students make a short list of resources their country lacks. Turn the class discussion into a barter session between student “countries.”
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  1. Steve Beard says:

    Is there a way in Bing image search to return copyright free images?

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