Teaching averages and probability with Kinect Sports

Games like Kinect Sports are great for supporting numeracy. The reason for this is that all of the minigames produce data and numbers. The challenge for creative teachers is to look for opportunities within the game and incorporate these into young peoples’ learning.

Getting learners to keep track of their progress and scores throughout the game provides a good way to build up a collection of data that can then be used for analysis purposes.

Bowling is a particularly good sport for quickly collecting data to reinforce the teaching of probability and averages.



In this activity, we will challenge learners to play and record data whilst playing Bowling on Kinect Sports. The data generated and collected from the game will be used to introduce the concept of averages.

Using the data, work with your class to explain and then calculate the mean, median and mode. This is also a useful point to discuss what we mean by ranges of data and to discuss the data range. If you have collected enough data, it is also possible to use this methodology to introduce the concept of probability, including: fractions, decimals and percentages.

Supporting Resources

Learners should have experience of playing Bowling on Kinect Sports. Playing in groups of four allows
you to collect a lot of data quickly.

The Microsoft Office (in particularly Microsoft Excel) provides a handy range of tools to help learners  process their data.

For more ideas about teaching with Kinect Sports you can view and download our eBook below.

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