A fast way to freshen your lessons with Bing

Today’s students are raised on multimedia. They absorb information fast when it is visually presented. Bing helps teachers search for engaging content that can improve student learning.


The best comes first
Bing presents the richest, most useful result to your search query, front and centre. Bing summarises the site and offers time-saving links that let you jump directly to relevant content such as a colourful slideshow of the country.

Look before you click
Let Bing lead you to compelling content and keep clicks to a minimum. Simply hover your cursor on an interesting search result, and Bing gives you a Quick View and helpful summary of the site. So you can judge its quality before you click.

Improve your lessons
Can your lesson use a lift? Bing can help infuse any subject with new energy. Use Bing to help find compelling content that can improve student learning - and make it fun.


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  1. Maria Ilia says:

    Hi Tim, how are you? Looks great is it optimised for the mobile screen?

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