The top 3 reasons to use Bing in your school

Bing is more than a search engine. It’s a decision engine that helps teachers and students find what they need fast in a visual and organised way. Bing can save time by making lesson preparation easier. Dynamic features such as Related Searches and Microsoft® Photosynth® technology can increase student engagement in fun and immersive ways.


1. Immediately engage
Start your class with the Bing home page. The fascinating Photo of the Day, together with its clickable fun facts, fuels your students’ sense of exploration. Questions spring to mind because the subject of the photo is fresh, visual, and spontaneous. More than simply learning facts, your students are learning to think and discuss.

2. More organised
Search engines can overwhelm you with hundreds of Web links. Bing organises results by categories; much like a bookstore sorts its aisles and shelves. Bing also offers Related Search results to help teachers and students trigger a slightly new path to find the right content.

3. Less clicks, more success
With Bing Preview, you can hover over a search result and reveal a useful, descriptive summary of that website. This preview can save you time clicking back and forth and searching link after link.

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