Exciting times ahead with the announcement of Microsoft Surface

Midnight last night, the announcement made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in LA that Microsoft are releasing our very own devises for Windows 8, the amazing looking Surface – a new family of computing devices.

Surface with Windows 8 will offer some exciting opportunities for education, and already there is a real buzz around the office, as everyone wants to get there hands on one!

At the moment, we don’t have a release date for the two models in the Surface family, Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro however, you can keep up to date with the information here or download the Windows Release Preview.


And along with Windows 8, comes the following:-

  • It will bring schools a no-compromise tablet, that allows both great app experiences and full productivity – play Angry Birds on the Sofa, then run a SIMS report
  • It will be managed on school networks just like your current Windows 7 PCs are, and all your Windows 7 software will work on Windows 8
  • Schools with a Microsoft EES licensing subscription will be covered for the upgrade when it is released
  • The Microsoft OEM community such as Samsung, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, RM, Viglen etc, will all have exciting new Windows 8 devices on the market soon
  • Microsoft have just announced an exciting new PC platform which has been designed and manufactured by Microsoft – which is huge news for us, and, we hope, for you too…


And if you are anything like me, you too will love the launch video!

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