Supporting numeracy with Kinect Sports

Games like Kinect Sports are great for supporting numeracy. The reason for this is that all of the minigames produce data and numbers. The challenge for the creative teacher is to look for opportunities within the game and then use this data to incorporate into young peoples’ learning.

Getting learners to keep track of their progress and scores throughout the game provides a good way to introduce methods of data collection and analysis. 



For this activity, it is envisaged that learners will keep track of their game scores, game times and progress over a period of time. The learning challenge for this particular activity is how they will record both individual and team mates’ data. Depending on the Kinect Sports game, there are a number of ways that they can choose to do this, including:

- Tally Chart
- Bowling Score Card
- Computer Spread Sheet
- Written Notes
- Own Method

Excel icon

The advantages of each of the above methods should be discussed with the class.

Supporting Resources
Learners should have experience of playing a variety of the Kinect Sports games over a period of time to help them collect enough data so that it can eventually be processed.

The Microsoft Office Suite (in particularly Microsoft Excel) provides a handy range of tools to help learners collect and then process data.

You can view and download the full Kinect Sports in the classroom eBook below.


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