How students can develop an advertising campaign using Kinect Sports

When you play Kinect Sports, if you look carefully you will see that parts of the game have been used for advertising - just like in real life. For example, you can see adverts around the football stadium and also on the volleyball posts in Beach Volleyball.



In this activity, we are going to challenge learners to develop their own campaign to sell ‘virtual advertising’ on Kinect Sports.

In teams, learners should be asked to:

- Research possible game advertising spaces for one or more of the Kinect Sports games

- Carry out market research into the number of regular players of the game alongside its global reach

- Decide on some possible brands and companies to try and sell advertising to.

- Develop a pitch for potential advertisers and give this pitch to groups of peers to discuss and evaluate.

Learners need to be very familiar with all of the games within Kinect Sports. This should include playing the game and watching other people play the game to identify possible advertising space and opportunities.


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